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You won't have to mortgage your home to rent from us...

There are many limousine and transport companies who are simply in the business of gouging their customers, in hopes that you won't shop around for a better price. With us, this is simply not the case! We are a conscientious and considerate company looking toward the future. This means, in our words, that we hope to earn your business now, and every time you're looking to obtain limousine service. We also love your referrals! Sending you home poor, is not the best business practice in this regard. How does this translates out for you? We end up charging you the fairest price possible! Fair pricing, great service, and top notch vehicles is a combination that is nearly impossible for our competition to overcome.

A well laid plan is your best recourse when trying to budget 'conscientiously' for your trip...

The biggest favor you can do for yourself when planning a trip with LimoNewYork, is to plan ahead and leave yourself flexibility wherever possible. If you are looking to save money, and who isn't these days, be sure to communicate all of your possible options to us! Should your date be flexible between a weekend and a weekday, you could be up for considerable savings by planning your event during an "off-peak" day (Monday-Thursday). Weekends are more expensive for us because there is higher demand for our services and there is generally more traffic during the times we are busiest. These factors increase our costs, and because our pricing structure is set up in a way to minimize your costs wherever possible, we have to charge more during these times. Another consideration besides time of day and day of the week, is time of the year. Certain holidays definitely spike demand substantially. New Year's Eve and St. Patrick's Day are two of our busiest days of the year... so, the budget conscious renter will be wise to avoid these days if pricing is one of your prime concerns.

Saving money is great! Saving time is divine...

There are many ways you can get yourself ahead of the game in life. One of the best ways to avoid the stress and hassle of planning a trip for multiple people is to book your transportation early! You'll be doing yourself the biggest favor possible by getting this out of the way right up front. By doing this, you're minimizing your risk of not finding an appropriate vehicle, or the worst nightmare of all... not being able to find one at all! Once you're ready to start shopping around, send us a quick email before calling. This will allow us to prepare answers to some of your more pertinet questions before you call, which will save you time in the end. When you email us, include these two pieces of information which will assist us in helping you best:

  • Which day you will need to hire us
  • Which places you'd like to visit while you're with us
  • How many guests you anticipate will be traveling together

These bits of info will go a long way to making your call to us pleasurable and quick for you!

Your guests will have a blast on the trip, and you'll revel quietly in your savings...

Right now, we make this commitment to you. There is simply no other company in this business who will work harder to bring you great prices, stellar service, and top of the line vehicles! We work hard, so you don't have to! It's really that simple to us. We pride ourselves in handling all the travel related details, so you can spend your time and effort with more important things. Even if you're traveling, we have connections all over the country as detailed here at Seattle Party Bus Pricing. So, whenever you're ready to give LimoNewYork a call, we're ready to help you!

Limo New York booking specialists are available to assist you 24/7!

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