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LimoNewYork has been in the business of providing New York with stellar transportation for years!

We have been providing New York with the best service and vehicles for many years now. It continues to be our true pleasure to provide the highest standard of vehicles, service, and lowest prices. In hiring us for your event, you'll find that we go truly above and beyond in providing services that the other guys just won't touch... such as red carpet for special events, wedding decorations, bachelor and bachelorette party decor, bars and coolers full of ice and disposable cups for your drinks, and really so much more! We pledge to get you there in safety, on time, and in the most affordable manner possible. To top it off, you'll be glad to let us handle the details as you kick back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

We employ only the most professional Chauffeurs we can find, and then insure them to the fullest extent of the law.

There is a large distinction between a certified driver and a professional chauffeur. The level of quality you receive from our professional chauffeurs will be evident from the moment your trip begins. While a typical "driver" may get you there, the level of service you'd receive just wouldn't be the same. Why should you settle for any less than the best? Our chauffeurs know their way around better than any other drivers you can find... in fact, we'd wager that they know this entire region as well as you might know your own neighborhood! To insure that the knowledge is complete though, we make sure each and every driver never leaves the garage without a fully current GPS system in hand. After all, we want to be prepared for any case that might arise.

Enjoy the highest quality vehicles, with premium customization!

Our vehicles are nothing short of world-class! We are constantly looking to augment our fleet with gorgeous new vehicles for you to enjoy. To go even further, we are constantly maintaining them to insure that they remain in like-new condition. They are always equipped with the most luxurious features and amenities to provide you with the comfort, entertainment, and enjoyment you deserve! Some of the most notable amenities you will appreciate include (but are not limited to) premium leather seating surfaces, luxurious bars with acrylic or granite tops, ultra high concert-quality audio systems, large flat-panel televisions, and so much more! Know that we inspect our vehicles before and after each run. This way you (and we) can rest assured that you are traveling in a reliably safe and impeccably equipped vehicle.

Our services are a snap to reserve, and reasonably priced!

Your reservation is as easy to make as sending a quick email, or giving us a quick phone call. Our number is conveniently placed on every page of this website, and you can find our email on our "contact" page. Simply let us know when you contact us, how many passengers, when you'll need to book the limo for, and where you plan to go. From this we can extrapolate the fairest price package possible. Once the details are settled, all that would be further required would be a deposit so that we can insure that it doesn't get rented out from under you. Service is our business, so if you happen to be on a tight budget, let us know! We are happy to try and save you money at every angle possible.

Limo New York booking specialists are available to assist you 24/7!

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