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Our group plans on going to a few different events throughout the course of a few days. We'd really like to be dropped off in the morning and then picked back up at the end of the day. Will you require us to purchase an entire day's service?

No! We have a convenient and quite reasonable pickup and drop-off service which offers you the benefit of a drastically reduced rate over our "daily rental" service of four or more hours. With this type of service you are required to simply pay for the actual time you employ our services. This service is billed in fifteen minute increments and carries neither surprise fees nor hidden verbiage in our fine print. Depending on what you need, you'll love whichever service we can provide for you! We pride ourselves on being flexible to give you just what you need.

We are hosting a smaller group of around sixteen guests. Do you happen to have a vehicle specifically designed for smaller groups like this?

We certainly do! We have a smaller limo specifically for smaller groups like this. It is still jam packed with luxurious amenities and high-tech features too! However, if you have the extra budget, we do have a variety of larger vehicles with even more amenities and goodies for your guests to enjoy, some of our largest even have separate "VIP" sections for the utmost in privacy, should you require it. Regardless of your needs though, we are happy to provide just what you are asking for! We will go to any length possible to insure that your trip is as perfect as it can be!

Is drinking and smoking permitted on Limo New York's vehicles?

You can drink, but smoking is expressly not allowed. You are more than welcome, in fact, encouraged to bring your own drinks on board for anyone old enough to enjoy them. This is one of the prime reasons for renting a Department of Transportation licensed vehicle! However, for the consideration of all of our customers, we like to keep our interiors smoke free, as this allows us to maximize our ability to keep them fresh and clean for each and every group. We will be happy to stop any time it is feasible though, to allow any of our passengers to grab a smoke.

Is it possible for us to take a peek at your insurance policy paperwork before we reserve a vehicle from you?

Absolutely! We have nothing to hide! As such we welcome your request to view any of our documentation as it relates to you and the protections we can afford you. Let us know and we'll be happy to email or fax our insurance documents so you can see what protections you will have while in our service. Above all else, your safety and security is our number one priority... and we've spared no expense to insure that you are completely covered while in any of our vehicles. We are insured to the maximum allowance, and we carry every necessary permit and certificate as required by law. To top it off, we hire only the most professional chauffeurs in the industry. Truly, our service is the best from top to bottom!

Is there still a question unanswered? Feel free to contact us at any time of the day or night!

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